Hi All

Welcome to Pantielover.
This site has had to start again due to wanting to integrate a shop as well, the down side is I could not migrate the user database or all the content from the previous site that was 7 years old, that has just closed, so I am hoping the users from before will re-register.
This site is dedicated to those who love to wear lingerie that makes you feel good, regardless of gender.
Satin's & silks along with some soft man made fibres can make you feel so erotic and special as you slip them on, even make your heart skip a beat!
There is an online shop opening shortly where you can buy my worn panties, for a very reasonable price, I shall be open to request's, ie to wear them for a little longer or do things a little more extreme perhaps, when you get them they will be sealed in an air tight bag with a couple of photo's of me in them,
More detailed info on this will follow once the shop goes live.
This site supports multiple image upload and drag and drop too, also now supports video sharing.
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Hi All

Post by sarah » Sun Jun 02, 2019 5:26 pm

Good afternoon all,

It’s been a real long time since I have been around, still alive and kicking, I see its still just about ticking here, I just looking at how I can kick some life back into it, I post some of my content on Facebook now a days, obviously not explicit on there, but maybe can get peeps to join up here too as Facebook are getting very strict on explicit or even slightly exposing ones bits, will get you banned even in the relevant forums, so I might be having some discussions with some forum admins on there about getting new people to join here so they can post their hearts out.
I shall keep you all posted. Thanks for keeping it running here, even though only a few here currently.
Many thanks

Love Sarah xxx